Thursday, March 18, 2010

A new shade of blue

By mid February winter blues of a slow-and-steady-few-inches-here-and-there kind of winter had set in around here.  So when we saw a big winter storm coming our way, we were actually looking forward to the change of pace and the beauty of lots of fresh clean snow.

That is until the storm got here and dumped 24" of wet, heavy snow in 36 hours on top of the 2 1/2 feet we already had plus another half a foot a few days later with more inches in between...we lost count.  It snowed every day for 6 days.  We went out into the yard a few times without our snowshoes on and Matt and I were both up past our thighs with more snow underneath!  Now I know that plenty of other parts of the country were hit with snow, lots of it and in unexpected places, this winter so I am not really complaining, just explaining why the additional 6 inches of snow-cone like snow this past Saturday just about threw me over the edge.

Since Monday, however, I am seeing a new shade of blue.  It has been amazingly beautiful the past few days and the sky has literally been a shade of blue I have either never seen before or never noticed before.  Electric blue, to be precise.  So despite the 2 feet of snow still on the ground, I KNOW that spring is here.  First the purple finches came back to the feeders, then we heard robins in the woods and two barred owls calling to one another, and today a hairy woodpecker was chasing a downy woodpecker away from the suet feeder.  Pretty soon we will see bear tracks, hear the peepers in the pond and see the ferns begin their alien-like emergence. 

And sandals, oh sweet sandals!  Nothing like a good late winter snow storm to give you spring fever.  What are you anticipating this spring?