Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sharp inhale...

Two robins are in the yard (on top of the snow) right now chasing each other back and forth. 

Spring?  Spring?  Is that you?


Monday, March 14, 2011

My life is a musical, apparently

I don't know where it comes from but I swear our kids are Broadway musical prodigies.  They have never seen a musical (although the Backyardigans are pretty musical-like).  I don't even like musicals (except Oklahoma, I don't know why).  But there are at least half a dozen times during the day when our kids are engrossed in some kind of pretend play and they break into song.  And not just all of a sudden they start singing Mary had a little lamb or something that has nothing to do with their play.  No, they have a well written, scripted out transition from whatever they are pretending into a dramatic singing and dancing chorus that underscores whatever climax they have reached in their story.

For example, today they were playing "police school".  They were learning how to become police officer.  Abigail was discussing with Tristan what a police officer's job consists of, such as chasing bad guys (of course).  She went on to say, "that is not the only part of our job, is it Tristan?  Oh no, it is not.  Ready everyone!  ~(singing and dancing now) That is, noooooooo, that is not the only part of our joooooobbbbb!~  And off they were in some semi-coordinated song of the details of a police officer's duties.  I can't help but to bob my head while I am chopping cabbage and they are parading around the house but another part of my wonders, where does this come from?!

Now I must admit here that Matt and I both have a tendency to sing everyday requests to our kids when we are feeling frustrated with them but don't want to show it or when something annoying has happened to us and we want to tell each other about it without it sounding like we are bitching.  Let me warn you, people, it is terribly frightening to face the unknown influence a parent has on their child.

To get a taste of my life as a musical, here is a video of Abigail playing her guitar and singing Tristan to "sleep":