Thursday, April 28, 2011

First picnic of the year!

I know that Spring began about 6 weeks ago or so but you wouldn't have known it around here.  Less than a week ago we awoke to this disheartening sight:

However, today we were blessed with this.  Spring literally came all in one day today.  We had thunderstorms this morning with some pretty serious downpours, then the sun came out and BAM! the grass turned green.  I mean literally today the grass changed color.  Yea, my grass has superpowers.  I know, pretty cool.

Then while we were eating, we had the pleasure of a visit from an old friend.  We haven't seem Mr. Rose-Breasted Gross Beak since last year.  It was great to catch up.  He joined us for dinner, though he preferred mixed seeds to the chicken, pita chips with hummus and veggie sticks we were eating.

And later, we spotted a new friend in the yard.  A little shy, she was.  Didn't quite catch her name.  Maybe next time.

And the neighborhood trouble-makers are back in town, Mr. & Mrs. Cowbird.  Always looking for someone else's nest to pawn off their eggs on.  At least they keep things interesting around here and sing a pretty tune.

For a week filled with tantrums, allergies, colds, and the stomach flu, this was a really nice end to the day.  How is your Spring shaping up?