Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pictures of the homefront

Finally, as promised, here are some pictures of our new home. Welcome to the Birches!

The front of our house that faces the driveway.

Two views of the back of the house and deck, which is a great spot for entertaining.

Our kitchen is through the front door. A good amount of cabinet space and a dishwasher!

Our woodstove which is on the opposite side of the kitchen from the cabinets. You can also see into the kids room from here and the door to the bathroom where our washer and dryer is located.

The living room/dining room area looking from the living room to the dining room, kitchen around the corner, office and stairs to loft bedroom at your back.

Love the fireplace and stonework.

Our bedroom on the second floor. Is a loft (excuse the unmade bed but that's the way it always looks!)

Now for some outside shots. An amazing solid stone bench. The stones are just stacked on top of one another, no mortar and let me tell you this thing does not move.

View of back yard from deck.

A firepit complete with benches. Matt's handiwork with a chain saw, of course.

Named as our guest cottage. There is a room inside the building that takes up most of the space. That is where we are attempting to clean out and put a bed as well as some wall and shelf storage. We are also looking into options of heating it with a wood stove. The other space is used for a small woodshop, a chest freezer and animal proof trash storage.

The back of the cottage overlooks a small brook. There is also a narrow covered balcony in the back known by the previous owner as the gentleman's deck.

For a more detailed description of the house and property, see previous post.
We are so blessed to live in this beautiful place. Thanks be to God!


~liz said...

oh, i get total goosebumps looking at these pictures - what PERFECT place for you guys...we're just so happy and excited for your family.
and we can't wait to visit!!! :)

Johanna said...

Hey, could you email me at johannabachman @ gmail . com. I can't figure out which of the million email addresses I have for you is the current one.

What a gorgeous place to live. Can I move in? I promise to clean up after myself.

Sara said...

Please, come visit Smith's, come move in Bachman's, come keep me company!

I was emailing a friend the other day that I think we traded one heartache for another. We love this place and this job but are longing for friends, community and a church.

So my new mantra is:


Heidi said...

Well, just as soon as Chris and I find jobs we want to move to New England. I miss fall leaves and cool/cold weather. I look forward to living somewhere that can provide both. Perhaps in another year or two we will be out of Florida and relocated up north!:) We will be in Maine for Christmas, but I suppose you all will be in Pa.! Talk to you soon- Me.

francois said...

what a great place. It makes me want to come back to new england!

Heidi said...

I miss you and would love to see your house!:) I really need to talk to you. CALL ME! I sent my number. Love ya girl!

mary ann russell said...

I miss everyone very much, especially Tristain and Abigail. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE COME AND VISIT AT THE HOLIDAYS OR I WILL GO CRAZY! God is indeed good, but now I am truly not so sure