Monday, January 7, 2008

You know you live on the mountain when...

  • You see more snowmobilers on your road in a day than you do cars in 2 weeks.
  • The 5 ton plow truck gets stuck in the snow on your road and has to radio the highway plow truck to pull him out.
  • You and your spouse stand admiring and talking about the positive qualities of your woodstove. This is after 2 weeks of a smoked filled house, CO2 detectors blaring, finding a manual online (who knew our stove had a damper? That's helpful to know!) cleaning out the chimney and buying a new one piece elbow for the pipe. And weeks later still periodically saying to each other. I love our woodstove, don't you?
  • You have to transport the Home Depot employee and all his equipment to your house in your own truck because his won't make it and shovel a path around your house from the 2 feet of snow so that he can install storm doors.
  • The UPS carrier leaves a note in your mailbox that says "Left your package at John Smith's house on the corner". I guess that's one way to meet the neighbors.
  • You step outside to get your ash bucket for a morning's cleaning of the woodstove and think, hmm it's awfully warm out here. You check the temperature and realize, golly, it's a balmy 10 degrees compared to the -12 the morning before.


Francois and Joy Guilleux said...

Hi Sara!
I have to admit, on a 69 degree sunny day here in Pittsburgh (yes, it is Jan 8th here too), I am not so jealous. But, I have been envious of all the snow you've gotten, and miss terribly the wintery days of new england living.
Sounds like you are having fun. Miss you guys. Love,JOY

Sara said...

Good to hear from you Joy! It was a balmy 55 degrees here today too. And I can see the ground in our (very muddy) driveway and road but we still have 8-10 inches on the ground and more in the woods.
We miss you too! Any chance of a summer visit to the Birches?
peace, Sara

Heidi said...

Unlike Joy I AM TOTALLY jealous of your snow AND your temperatures. I would much rather have the cold than the heat here in florida. It is supposed to be 85 here today. Anyway, glad to hear you have had a little bit of a thaw! How was christmas/pennsylvania??