Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Flu-like illness"

Of course on the day the kids are scheduled for their flu vaccinations & Matt is in NYC, Tristan develops a fever, chills, an ache and a cough.  Abigail was able to get vaccinated but since we are leaving on Sunday for NYC he won't be able to until we get back in December.  And then of course there is the decision of do we skip the H1N1 vac since that is probably what he has or do we do it in December since we don't really know for sure what is making him sick and do the seasonal flu as well?  Too many unknown factors and options.  To put the situation in perspective, though, he is mildly sick compared to what other kids have experienced.  But there goes my plans of having all our stuff packed and the house clean before we leave.  Oh well, being organized is overrated anyway (are your eyes rolling yet, Matt?).

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