Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This week in the garden

We harvested our first crop of lettuce this past weekend (only about a quarter of what is growing) and it was so delicious.  We had a fantastic salad all from our garden of lettuce, peas, and green beans.  And yes, the kids ate it too.  With ranch dressing.  But still they ate it.

I could become seriously addicted to gardening (in a really good way, I swear!). 

Also, not related to our garden but connected in my mind because it is growing outside, I saw the Blue Bead Lilly's, whose flower picture I posted in the spring, fruit which is blue, surprise, surprise.  Next day?  Gone.  These woods sure are full of busy little critters.


ps pictures of the butterflies' progress coming soon (and I promise they are good!).


Anonymous said...

That's awesome sis! I've been doing yard projects in preparation for gardening in my yard in comming season's. Can't wait to see yinz next week & hear more about it. Rawk On!

Sara said...

You make me smile, bro!

Amy Maddalena said...

Beautiful!! It has been so hot and dry here our garden is suffering. Also, the raccoons are getting more than we are. I love seeing what's going on with you! We love you

Sara said...

We miss you too, Amy! We had a waiter at a restaurant recently that reminded me of Roger. It made me long to spend time with you guys! We need to talk again soon...