Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of school pics

The kids are getting to the age where they pretty much love and hate each other.  They can't fall asleep without one another and yet they also seem to know exactly how to push each others buttons.  I was ready for school to start!  But this has unexpectedly been a bittersweet start to the school year for me.  Last week we had just the best family vacation to Acadia NP (pictures to follow this weekend) and I am just not ready to be rushing off to school in the morning. 

Abigail gave me permission to post the above picture of her on the blog.  She didn't like the other ones I took.  When did she get so big that she cares what pictures I put of her on the blog?!  Tristan is posing with his squirrel (whose name is chipmunk, don't ask).  And you can't tell from this picture but I made his backpack for school this year (details and a better picture to come).  And he actually likes it and uses it.  Score for me!

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