Monday, November 1, 2010


Is that shriek because of last night's Halloween tricks or because it has been a horrifyingly long time since I have written on the blog?  Well, both actually.  Super cute kids dressed up in slaved-over costumes is definitely motivating me to show my face around here.  It's not that I have stopped having things to write about or a lack of exciting life events to share (don't laugh).  It's just that I am learning that life as a mother of a first grader is busy!  I mean, I have a preschooler too but he doesn't have a half and hour of homework every night and 2 swim practices a week for the swim team.  Although, he does have his own swimming lesson and opinions about how we should be spending our time.  So, I have been adjusting to homework, tight schedules, early, fast dinners 3 times a week (I like to cook slowly, preferably with a beer in my hand so this has been an adjustment) and lots of transitions between activities.  Watching Abigail learn to read, seeing her thoughtful movement in the water as she refines her swimming technique, and seeing her gain confidence in herself as a result of both as been worth the madness however.  Plus getting two nights a week to spend one on one time with my little guy and do nothing but play while sister works hard has been enriching as well.  I am glad when bedtime comes though!

So on with Halloween!  I have made the kids costumes every year since they are born and this year I learned two things.  1 - I really like to make costumes!  I like the challenge of creating something from their imagination and getting to watch them enjoy it.  2 - Ears are really hard to make well.  The kids have never dressed as something with ears before (besides their own ears, that is) so I was not prepared for this challenge.  It worked out in the end.  Trail and error makes perfect for me.  I know I said 2 things but here is number 3 - Making Halloween costumes is kind of like making a really great homemade dinner.  It takes about 3 times longer to make the thing that it does to enjoy it.  Ah, well, good thing I like the process of creating as much as I do the product!  So without further ado, here are the super cute kiddos:

Do you know what she is yet?  Well, try the next one.

Give up?  She is a horse, of course!  This costume was hard to capture in a photograph.  It looked better in person.  Any guesses on Tristan's costume?  Check out below...

Easy one, Batman!

The loot!  They are still too young to know what a small amount of candy that is compared to what other kids bring home.  Shhh, don't you be the one to tell them either!

And what is Halloween without carving up some pumpkins and eating some yummy seeds, eh?



Anonymous said...

Finally, another post! The kids look super adorable and your talents, my dear, seem endless. Love you and your precious family....all 4 of you.

MJ said...

Oh wow! Awesome costumes, sister! So nice to see an update from you again. I am always checking in (stalker-style, it's how I roll...)

You are just an amazing mom, you know that?

Missing you across the miles. Something about fall always takes me back. (We sure had some great costumes ourselves over the years. Ha!)


Riggs said...

Sara - the costumes look ridiculously awesome! Great job. I'm sure they had a lot of fun. What did YOU dress up as??


Amanda said...

Sara, Tristan, Abigail, and Matt,

Nice job! loved the costumes (great job, Sara!), the pumpkins (wow!), and the whole use of creativity. Also nice to hear that you are getting in the groove with your new schedule. So good to hear about Abigail's so-important progress in these areas (not dying in water and keeping herself alfoat at school are two essential skills!), and it's good to hear about some good Mommy-Tristan playtime. Good times!

Love you, SISTER!!!!