Monday, May 2, 2011

Tristan turned 5!

On Sunday our May Day baby, our come in the middle of night baby, our wear his thoughts/emotions all over his face baby, our super kind, super sensitive baby, our when he smiles you can't help but to smile back (even when he is being naughty) baby, our all boy, leggo loving baby turned

No longer, baby.  All big kid.  But even big kids like snuggles and kisses and mama hugs and tickles (thank goodness or I may be freaking out!).

Happy bday to our big boy!


Anonymous said...

Yay Tristan!!!! And, at least in my 3 experiences, boys always keep a little part of themselves that is "young" like that. Girls want to grow up fast but boys tend to be okay with having a part of themselves stay sweet and vulnerable. Give him a big kiss for me!

Sara said...

So true about girls! And just what I want to hear about little, I mean, BIG boy! Hugs? Can do!

Amy M said...

Happy Birthday Tristan!! We were reminiscing about you guys at house group on Monday. Miss you!

Amanda said...


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Anonymous said...

blog more!