Monday, May 21, 2007

For Kenny and Liz

Friends of ours in Pittsburgh are planning a deck project and were asking to see pictures of what others have done.

Here are some pics of a deck Matt did last summer for someone else:

I only have one picture of our deck in TC with me. The rest are packed!
Can't wait to see what you guys come up with...I definetly vote for the hot tub...


~liz said...

thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

~liz said...

hmmm...i came back today to look at the pictures more closely and the pictures are a bit small...any way you can make them larger? you can send them to me in email if that's easier. :)

Sara said...

You're right! Give me a day or two and I will send them to you.

peace, Sara

Johanna said...

Sara, can you email me from your current email address... I've tried all the ones I could find for you, and they all come back to me.

I am finally getting organized enough to reply to emails that I got ages ago and wanted you to know that I was very excited to hear about your move, when it happened, and have been thinking of you all since. I subscribed to your blog and read those posts as you publish them. It is a joy to share in your new experiences. It also makes me miss living at camp! (Adam and I lived at a camp in CO for almost a year). The photos are great too. Keep them coming!

Pandora said...

Thanks for writing this.