Friday, May 4, 2007

Tristan turned 1!

Tuesday we celebrated Tristan's very 1st birthday! Matt was able to take a break from work so we could have dinner, open some presents and eat yummy cake.

Note: Tristan is wearing just a diaper not because it is so warm here (I wish!). We were preparing for the cake smearing/smashing/eating immediately to follow.

So here is the story on the funky-looking cake. There aren't any cake pans in the apartment we are staying in so I bought one of those foil ones not realizing until after I got home that the recipe I bought ingredients for was for a 8 x 8 pan not 9 x 12. I was NOT going back to the store (grocery shopping with two young kids once in a day is enough) so I improvised; I folded the pan instead and it turned out great. In fact, the pan acted as a reflector for the candle which added to the atmosphere of the event. :-)

Tristan very instensely studied the cake (as he does most new things) and gingerly played with the icing for about five minutes but he would not eat it! I put some of the icing on my finger for him to taste but no go. Can you believe it? What kid doesn't eat at least some cake for their first birthday?

Ah, well. Maybe he'll like vegetables instead. Every mother's dream.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my baby boy with the intense, dark, kind eyes, insatiable, contagious smile, curious mind, impish looks, old man face, and belly full of giggles!

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kenny said...

Happy Birthday to young master Tristan! He's just too refined for a simple cake -- try petit fores and finger sandwiches next year...

We miss you guys...

Kenny and Liz