Saturday, April 21, 2007

Camp is Awakening

Today was wonderful! We spent the whole day exploring camp and the neighboring farm. The weather finally broke today and the snow on the mountain is beginning to receed, which means the pond starting filling up yesterday and breached the spillway this morning.

After Tristan napped in the van for an hour, we hiked up Tablerock and Abigail served a lunch of snow, bark, and mud. Yummy!

We were then invited to the neighbors farm for a lunch of delicious pea, mushroom, chicken, fiddlehead fern soup and bread. The couple that live at the black bear farm have llamas, goats, a horse, 3 dogs, chickens and a donkey. Tristan cooed and babbled in the backpack on the mile and a half hike to the farm. And Abigail was in her element splashing in puddles, petting the dogs, helping the neighbor stir and taste the boiling vat of maple syrup, romping in the mud, checking out the animals, and taking her very first horse ride! Dannie the horse is quite old and gentle. I was excited for her to ride but skeptical that she would actually go through with it. As soon as Dannie was ready, Abigail got right on (with help of course) and rode that horse like she was born to be a cowgirl! I was so proud and so was she. With all the exploring, falling, getting wet and dirty, and new experiences she is encountering thus far, I think we are going to have one tough girl on our hands by the end of the summer.

The assistant director arrived this week and Abigail has taken a shine to her. Ab also made close friends with the neighbors today. Matt and I have decided that she is going to probably become the camp mascott this summer. I am sure she is going to love all the staff and kids and they are going to love her. And Tristan's spunk has really started to show this week, especially now that "NO!" has been added to his vocabulary thanks to his big sister's coaching. Watch out Mass!

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Heidi said...

WOW! It is great to see that the adventure has already started for you and your family. I love hearing about your sunshine filled days, but more than that I love to see the snow in your pictures! I REALLY missed winter this year...I guess it is one of those things that you hate after 6 months of it but long for it when there isn't ANY!

Anyway, Abigail made a great flower girl and it looks like now she is on her way to being a super cowgirl, too!

Have a great day today, Sara! I look forward to hearing how you are doing soon...perhaps in a real live conversation!!!:)

Love to all of you!