Thursday, April 19, 2007


The sun showed its face today, woohoo! It is good to see the blue sky. I was beginning to feel like we were still in Pittsburgh with all the rain and gloom.

So we spent the afternoon at a nearby playground while Abigail ran off some pent up energy and Tristan enjoyed some lunch.

So (in you are interested) here are a few random but nonetheless striking observations I have made about this town over the last few days of exploring.

1) Most of the curbs in town are made of marble! Seems like a strange use of resources to me for a blue collar town. But I must say that curbs are in really good condition, not crumbling all over the place like in TC, and look like they have been there for a long time. (I told you this was random!)

2) There seems to be a high rate of teenage mothers for a small town. The school is on spring break this week so kids are out and about and I have seen at least 7+ way-t00-young moms in the last 2 days. Sad.

3) This is most certainly a small town. People you don't know chat with you on the street, stop there car to comment on your cute children, etc. New and a bit alarming for me.

Adjusting to this new way of life is going to take a while for all of us. But Abigail seems to be having the hardest time right now. Many of the pillars of her life (nanas and papies, her yard, her dog, her bed) are not here, everything is different, and camp is not what she expected. We realized on the way up that she was thinking that we would go to the camp as soon as we got here, life in a house there, and there would be lots of kids her age around to play with. It is hard to watch a child so young struggle with disappointment. We are enrolling her swim lessons which start next week and hope to do some other things that will bring some structure and familiar faces in her life. The sun is shining with a promise of warmer weather to come, we are making connections to people and God has always provided for us and will do that once again. It is a joy to watch His work.


Heidi said...

Have I mentioned how cute your kids are? Oh, and by the way, life in a town that small...well, it doesn't change much. (This I know from personal experience:)!) The other things that you will certainly experience soon enough.

1. Everybody knows everybodies business.
2. People will constantly want to talk to you about other people's business.
3. You will certainly hear more useless random information than you ever wanted to know.
4. You will have great neighbors who you can trust to watch your kids, house, etc. at most anytime, because many of them probably don't go out of town all that often.

Hope you are having a great day...keep smiling and enjoying the new adventure.

GoodnessGlynnis said...

Abigail and Tristan are SO SO SO beautiful, Sara. I will continue to think of your family's adjustment, especially little Abigail.

~PEACE and Hopeful Sunshine~