Monday, April 9, 2007


We spent Easter in the hustle and bustle of visiting with family. It was a good holiday, even if Abigail didn't find a new dog during the Easter egg hunt like she thought she would. As you can see, fun was had by all the kids, grandparents and great-grandparents.

And today was spent eating jelly beans, reading new books, putting together a Dr. Suess puzzle, and trying to explain exactly how Jesus is human
and God.

At least we figured out the puzzle.


Megan Jane said...

Oh, Sarah. So glad you are doing this! Your family is beautiful. How I miss you!
We need to talk soon! I have a book idea swirling around in my head that involves your new life!

Megan Jane said...

Why did I add an 'h' on the end of your name?
Must be the cold medicine.

Heidi said...


1. I love you to death!
2. I miss you all like crazy.
3. Do I recognize that very pretty Easter dress?
4. I am sooo excited for your new adventure.
5. We have to talk soon...Chris and I may be making a move sooner than expected!:)
6. Sometimes I just think back to our roomate days and really miss being so close to you. You are truly an amazing best friend and I don't know where I would be today with out our good times and memories. Thanks for all of it...
7. Good luck with the me when you arrive in Massachussetts!
8. Tell that husband of yours that he is just super great...I am very proud of him for this new adventure!
9. Abigail and Triston are looking even more adorable than ever.
10. Have a BEAUTIFUL day!:) (And if at all you need to chuckle just think back to Eat'n'Park and a coke incident that caused a still there brown stain on my bible:)!)

Sara said...

Megan Jane! So glad to hear from you! A book idea, eh? Intriguing...

Sara said...

Heidi, I miss you too! And you most certainly do recognize that Easter dress! I am trying to think of as many reasons for her to wear it as I can before she grows out of it.