Monday, April 16, 2007

We are here!

So I really don't think we could have packed another thing in the van!

After driving through a Nor' Easter, we arrived in North Adams, MA Sunday morning to our one-bedroom guest condo and unloaded our overflowing van to our new (temporary) home. Today we got a tour of the town from a North Adams native that works with Matt. We checked out the the local grocery store (the Big Y), ate at the pizza place that we can see from our windows, listened to the fire trucks about 4 times a day (fire station is right around the corner), typed to the sound of the church bells, and have seen a lot of rain. All and all we are beginning to discover our new hometown.

On the list for this week? Check out the laundry mat three blocks down, stop at the post office at the end of the block, check out the library on the other corner, ask around about the local farmer's market (yes, even though there is snow on the ground here, it is melting fast and I am thinking SPRING!), sign Abigail up for swimming lessons at the Y, get to see the camp sometime after they can open up the road...and whatever else Matt and I can think up!

I am excited to explore the opportunities here and make this town our home but I am also leery of the work ahead to settle in. Ah, maybe I am just sick of the rain (it has literally not stopped once since Saturday night!) so pray for sunshine! And give thanks for God's provision of people that we are already starting to make connections with. Miss you all!

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Heidi said...

YO! So, Massachussetts, eh? Well, we are still here...while you are complaining about cold and rain I am DYING to get out of 90 degree weather! It is TOO HOT! Anyway, we are down to just 23 more days of school (I love that I don't have to work in the summers!!) Anyway, glad to hear you made it alright and I look forward to hearing more and more about your adventures up North. Maybe some day Chris and I will get back up north, but for looks like we are in Florida for another year anyway. Bleh. Alright...well, miss you bunches and can't wait to hear more about your trip. Later chica!