Friday, April 6, 2007

Come on in!

Welcome to my very first blogging experiment! I got the idea for the name of the blog from an email that my husband sent to our church house group in Pittsburgh, PA about a month ago sharing and explaining the details of a major change in our life: a new job for him and a move to western MA for our family! His email explained so poignantly the reasons we felt called to make such a life-altering change for our family:
We feel that as Christians, we are called to offer our services to this arena and to make an impact in parts of the world that many Christians are uncertain how to be involved in. It is very difficult to say “no” when God has offered the support necessary to fulfill this position, the great opportunities for our children, and has prepared our hearts to desire serving the Kingdom to underprivileged kids in a secular establishment.

The title of his email, "Adventure Revealed!" has stuck with me over the last fews weeks of packing, planning, dreaming, crying, explaining, hoping, and fearing. And what I have realized is that email was the beginning of the record of this new journey and I hope this blog to be the recorder the continuation of our adventure. Change is a hard and fearful thing for me even when that change carries the promise of life-giving work. There is loss within this gain, there is grief within this hope. But I am discovering to stand between those places is to live within the story of the Gospel. As we travel on this road, I invite you to come along side us, peek in once in awhile to see what's unfolding, not because WE are so interesting but because God is working here and that is a glorious thing to behold even in the midst of all our messiness. And we need fellow travelers to survive so please share your story with us!

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