Sunday, December 2, 2007

It snowed last night!

Some how this post got lost and it has pictures of our first snow so I wanted to post it even though it is 3 weeks late!

"Not a lot but enough to make the morning seem magical. Abigail woke up and came up to our room. I recently made curtains for their room to cut down on draft and keep the night time fears at bay. So when she jumped on our bed and looked out the window she was surprised to see that "winter came!" She was so excited to go outside that she ran downstairs to show Tristan and inform him that "it snowed and we can't go out until we eat breakfast!" Needless to say it was a quick breakfast and change into warm coats and a lovely morning hike (even if I still had my pajamas on).

Off to NYC tomorrow morning. I hope to send more photos and stories after we arrive!


Note: We came home from NYC (55 degrees when we left there at 10 pm) to less than an inch of snow with some ice and 20 degree weather. It snowed again Friday night, maybe an inch, but it was a freezing 12 degrees at 11 am and only a high of 20 on the mountain. Tonight we are supposed to 7-12 inches overnight with ice and sleet possible. So considering that our road is already icy, we may be snowed/iced in for a day or two.

More posts on our NYC adventures to come!


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