Thursday, November 15, 2007

Post #2 from NYC

Today we visited the NYC Medical Center ER! What is a visit to the city without a trip to the emergency room? Ah, Tristan, how much you take after your Papa! He is ok but we had a bit of a scare. Abigail, Tristan and I took the subway to the New York Public Library on 53rd right near Matt's office hoping to spend a while at the library maybe check out some books, visit daddy around lunch then go home for naps. Well, instead Tristan trips and falls not long after we get there, bangs his face/lip off of a chair and bleeds all over the place, throughly freaking out the children's librarian. I called Matt to tell him what was going on and get his opinion on Tristan's lip. He thought I was at the 42nd street library so he caught a cab to that library and then had to have the cabbie turn around for 5 blocks until we could get together to decide that we should have Tristan looked at and have a doctor decide on stitches. His bleeding did stop but we were afraid of scaring. In the end, however, the doctor said he would be fine and didn't need stitches, although he has two cuts, one on his lip and one on his gum both of which are pretty swollen. He, however, is not slowed down a bit which I am glad.

Let's pray for no rain and no trips to the ER!



Heidi said...

Wow! It sounds like you are having quite the adventures. I am sure that Thanksgiving in the city will be great too! Do you have plans? I am heading home today and staying until Tuesday. I will be back here for Thanksgiving to spend time with Chris' family. Hope you have a great day...Love ya girl! Heidi

Sara said...

We will, of course, go to the Macy's parade. We have yet to stake out our spot but we are going to try to trace out the route and find somewhere that is not the highest traffic spots and has a quick escape route if the kids start to melt down! It should be fun, otherwise we will be just spending time the 4 of us having dinner. Have a good time with your family!

Heidi said...

Hey Lady,

So much for talking every couple of weeks! Anyway, hope you had a great turkey day. Things here are good, i have been a little under the weather, but I think I am beginning to make a come back! (Note: Probably did too much while on vacation last week!) Are you enjoying your time in the city? The location looks great! Any more big adventures? Have a good day...


~liz said...

i haven't been commenting much, but i love getting blog post updates from you! and i loved yor last email regarding the church service kenny and i started - thanks for your encouragement! :)
thinking of you during this advent season. how long are you in the big city? are you traveling to the 'burgh for the holidays at all?