Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween and the first snow...

Not on the same day but here in the same post!

Here are the kids in their Halloween costumes.

Tristan was a pirate (inspired from our boat ride this summer, Jaclyn!). He looked very dashing in his seaman garb. I made the pants (a bit tight) and red sash and he is (shhh) wearing one of Abigail's dress shirts with the rose embroidered collars tucked in. He kind of looked like a waiter until the head scarf and sword were added! He had a great time trick or treating. Besides one of neighbors here on the mountain, we just went to a handful of houses near Matt's parents' place. Tristan loved it. I don't think he really understood what we were doing but he throughly enjoyed knocking on people's door and receiving a hardy hello.

Abigail was a fire fighter (not a fireman and she will correct if you say it wrong :). Great goodwill find! We made the axe and she was ready to go. She loved the candy, of course. But she would not say trick or treat or thank you this year!

Also, this Monday was our first snow. Nothing sticking to the ground...yet. Mt Greylock, the highest peak in Mass, has snow on it and today I noticed from town so do a few peaks of our mountain. We leave for NYC on Sunday until the end of the month. It will be interesting to see what the place looks like when we come back.

We will be staying in Manhattan. Hopefully I can post from there. Pray for good weather and safe travels!



Heidi said...

Hey Hey! The kids look adorable. I would give ANYTHING for snow! I am heading home next weekend, hopefully there will at least be some cold weather!

Sara said...

I think we may get some accumulation tonight. Have a great time in PA!

Heidi said... must have sent some of your cooler weather to me:)! The weather has actually been much better lately! We have had several days of 75 degree temperatures and nights in the 40s and 50s!!!