Wednesday, November 14, 2007


As I type, I am listening to the sounds and smelling the smells of Manhattan: frequent loud honking, car exhaust and cigarette smoke. :-) We are located in a central location. Lots of grocery stores, restaurants, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, 3 blocks from 42nd street, 10 minute walk from Times Square, 3 subway stops from Central Park. And also 1 block away from the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. Needless, to say rush hour is chaotic not only for the driver's on the street but for us as well. We couldn't get any more opposite than our home in Mass! Which is a little uprooting and thrilling at the same time.

We are doing pretty well. The kids and I conquered the subway today and went Central Park. It was so good for them to run and play and climb and have some freedom. The restrictions of the back pack or holding mommy's hand everywhere we go has been hard for them. It has been fun (although a bit exhausting).

We are subletting a man's apartment so we have a really nice place to stay and great views from the rooms. There is some some major construction going on next door. A HUGE pneumatic jack hammer and excavator which I thought was going to drive me crazy all day. It has, however, been a great source of entertainment for the kids, especially Tristan who is obsessed with trucks ("gunks").

They will literally sit in the window sill for an hour watching the construction and traffic. They are definitely country kids now!

We have some plans for Empire State Building and maybe a museum this weekend. More stories and pics to come! Please pray for my sanity as Matt is working long days and the kids are having a little bit of struggles with the transition of lifestyle.

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