Saturday, December 19, 2009

A tree at last

So we finally put up our tree this week.  We all went for a hike last weekend and picked one out from the woods near our house.

Once we got the chain saws back from the shop, Matt and Abigail went and got it on one of the coldest days yet this winter.  The day started at -5 and topped out at 3 but Christmas tree mission was successful nonetheless.  It is a nice tree.  Different than what you get at a Christmas tree farm so the branches are a bit more spaced out and it is pretty round for its height.  I think it is beautiful, however, and free!  There was, as there is every year, a bit of a fiasco getting it up.  It fell over after we got the lights on.

We knew the bottom of the trunk was crooked when we put in the stand. We were hoping for the best.

But that's what sawz-all's are made for, right?

Back in the stand and 4 broken ornaments later, the tree was decorated complete with a Thomas the train track underneath.  The kids are happy (we are too, just tired, I think) and the living room now looks magical.

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