Monday, February 1, 2010

A birthday party!

Abigail had her first friend birthday party this year and all in all it was a success (despite the sad face on the above snowman!).  Our original idea was to have a snow party having her friends bring their snow gear and go sledding, play a snowball game and a snow treasure hunt with a treasure chest of goodies buried in the snow.  
The weather, however, had different plans.  With a forecast for air temps to top out at 5 degree plus the wind chill...well, let's just say we decided to move our party indoors.  Ah, New England... 
But the snow theme didn't end just because we moved indoors.  I mean, a January birthday girl just has to use the season she has been given, you know?  So we had an igloo birthday cake, cut out snowflakes, played pin-the-clothes-on-the-snowman, and finally had a treasure hunt with clues hidden inside "snowballs" (ie wadded up pieces of white paper) all over the house.  We wrote a clue to the hiding place of the treasure on the back of a 24 piece puzzle and then hid 2 pieces in each snowball.  Once all the snowballs were found (note to self - keep track of where you hide all the "snowballs" in case some are not found:-), the kids then had to put the puzzle together, read the clue, and figure out where the treasure was "buried". 

Let's see if you can figure it out too!  The clue read:
To find the treasure...
Open the door for goodies galore,
Take a peek inside to a place
That tumbles your clothes warm & dry.
Leave your guess in the commments section and see if you are smater than a kindergartener!


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